Internet Archive opens a museum for Windows 3.1 games


Phew, Internet Archive has been on a roll lately. They’ve created online museums for arcade games, DOS games and even antiquated malware. Their latest endeavour is to give the browser treatment to an oft-overlooked aspect of retro gaming: games for Windows 3.1.

The collection is currently sitting at over 1,000 titles. All entries are running inside custom-built versions of DOSBox pre-configured to load specific files. Just click on the power icon and get ready to play.

Many titles are shareware, but there are quite a few noteworthy examples of freeware on show too. There are also nearly 300 non-games, including various system utilities and business-related apps.

The quality of the games varies significantly and there certainly aren’t as many gems as in the DOS catalogue, but nonetheless a good few hours of playtime can be had. Some of my personal recommendations include Sim EarthColumns (a Tetris-like game), Pipe Dream (the inspiration for BioShock‘s hacking mini-game) and Zombie Wars (the sequel to Alien Carnage).

Browse on over here to get your game on.