No Destiny 2 until 2017; another large expansion coming this year


According to Destiny publisher Activision’s latest earnings report, there is no Destiny 2 coming until next year. That’s not too unsurprising despite earlier reports that the sequel would land this year. What is surprising is that there are plans for Bungie to release another major expansion pack for the game. This will bring the total expansions for Destiny up to four, with the most recent The Taken King expansion having landed in September last year. That expansion was very well received by critics and players alike.

In January last year, a leaked road-map seemed to suggest that there would be another TWO expansions AFTER The Taken King, which was then code-named “comet”.

Billed as a “large new expansion”, it’s unclear when this fourth piece of DLC will land. Bungie has said in a blog post that they have plans to release a major update to the game sometime between March to May of this year. We might be looking at a summer time release for the DLC, which means winter time for us here in SA. It’s worth noting that this news runs contrary to suggestions made last year that Bungie had begun utilising microtransactions to subsidise free new content for the remainder of Destiny‘s lifetime until such time as the sequel hits.

In other Destiny news, Bungie recently sent out email questionnaires to a selection of players that probed for reasons why players hadn’t been logging-in to play the game. Possible reasons for not logging-in included not liking recent changes made to the game, and “too much repetition and too much grinding”. This email was shared on Reddit; you can find that thread over here and a screencap of the email questionnaire over here.

Via: Polygon