Need for Speed arrives on the PC on 17 March 2016

need-for-speed new

Delays affected the launch of the latest Need For Speed on PC previously, and the last we heard was that the game had been pushed back to add some things that PC gamers were clamouring for – like an unlocked frame rate and better graphics options. Developer Ghost Games at the time said that these additions would be difficult to accommodate because of the way the game was architected (read: made for consoles), but it looks like it’s all systems go for a launch soon. Need for Speed is now confirmed to launch for PC on 17 March and as promised it will include all the gameplay changes and additions.

The headline feature is the addition of manual gearing, something that many players have griped about in the console versions. Other additions to the graphics options like true 4K support and an unlocked frame rate are probably going to appeal to owners of enthusiast rigs, and I hope there’s a benchmarking mode hidden in there somewhere. The world of Need for Speed is gorgeous and it will definitely humble a few high-end systems. Ghost Games has also confirmed that racing wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec will be supported, adding to the realism (as realistic as an arcade racer can get).

Check out the release trailer below. Beware: its audio track may coerce you to pre-order through sheer nostalgia.

You can grab Need for Speed through participating retailers and Origin. The deluxe edition of the game includes exclusive stickers, a spoiler, rims and a splitter, as well as high-performance parts that are normally unlocked through playing the game’s campaign.

Deluxe edition owners also get a lifetime discount on all in-game items as well as a returning star – the blue-striped metallic silver BMW M3 E46, which is the car that players fought to win back in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005).