Sorry PC people, no Steam release for Quantum Break


Yep, if you want to play Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming action game, then you better cozy up to the Windows Store. This was confirmed by Xbox Games head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, in a recent podcast with Major Nelson (which you can listen to over here).

This news comes days after Remedy and Microsoft announced that Quantum Break was no longer an Xbox One exclusive, and that it would be heading to Windows 10 PCs as well. A Cross-Buy feature for the game exists, whereby those pre-ordering a digital Xbox One copy will receive a coupon for the PC version as well, free of charge.

Microsoft’s decision to withhold the game from Steam isn’t that surprising. The company is making a renewed push into digital gaming sales with the launch of Windows 10 and the Cross-By feature that exists between PC and Xbox One. It’s perhaps a spot of bad news for those PC users who feel they have to have all their games in one digital distribution library, but hey, at least you’re getting the game!