Elite Dangerous multiplayer goes standalone


Well this is kind of weird. It looks like games peddling their multiplayer portions as a standalone offering is a thing that the industry is getting behind. Activision has announced a standalone multiplayer offering for Black Ops III, and now Frontier Developments has done the same with space simulator Elite Dangerous.

Dubbed Elite Dangerous: Arena, the multiplayer-only, space dog-fighting game provides players with four multiplayer arenas, four ship types, and three game modes. It also costs a fraction of the price of the main game, at just R105 on Steam. The main Elite Dangerous game costs R420. For those who already own the full game, this multilpayer mode is already in your game, albeit under the label of CQC – Close Quarter Combat.

And just like Black Ops III‘s standalone multiplayer offering, you can choose to upgrade your copy of Elite Dangerous: Arena to the full game, and receive a discount (of R105) when doing so. Hit the jump for a fancy trailer.

Soure: Frontier Developments