Giblets: MSI shipping the GT72 Tobii globally starting February 2016

msi gt72s tobii

MSI’s GT72 Tobii, also known as the world’s first notebook to boast eye-tracking technology, is finally shipping globally, and will be available on the market in a few months. Based on the GT72S, this is one hell of a beast of a laptop, with Intel Skylake processors that are overclockable, Geforce GTX 970M and GTX 980M graphics, G-Sync monitors built-in, a backlit keyboard designed by Steelseries, networking by Killer networks with the company’s doubleshot pro optimisation, and NVMe SSDs all around. Interestingly, there’s one new version of the GT72 Tobii that ships with the Intel C236 chipset, which is actually meant for Xeon processors. I’d expect MSI to update that version with Xeon processors instead of Core i7 in the future, and maybe they’ll throw in ECC DDR4 memory compatibility as well.

Current prices of the “plain” GT72S  available today are pretty steep, with the base version including a Core i7-6820HK processor, a 1080p IPS G-Sync display, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M graphics, 16GB of DDR4 RAM. If you want to burn a hole in your wallet really quickly, this is one of the fastest ways to do it.