Fallout 4 mod showcase part 3: fashionable armageddon

The Witcher outfits and stuff 1

And we’re back! Part three of our look at some of the most kick-ass mods on offer for our dreary, vanilla copies of Fallout 4 is here, and it’s an entry I’m sure way too many of you have been waiting for.

I’ve already shown off a handful of mods that should make your game feel more immersive and others that will hopefully make your game look a whole lot sexier. This time I’ve decided to focus on the mods that make your player character look just as awesome as the modded world in which they’re surviving.

That’s right – it’s time to check out the best outfits and cosplays (it’s still called that when it happens in a video game, right?) the Nexus modding community has to offer.

The vault suit, but better

Vault-Tec never claimed to be a fashionable organisation, so we look past the atrocity that is the ugly, blue vault suit. While iconic in the Fallout universe, the vault suit is usually the first thing to go in the bin the moment we find anything less hideous. But thanks to modders, you’ll probably want to roll with these redesigned vault suits well into the latter half of the game.

The first redesign, Proto Vault Suit (by nitronizer), replaces the tired and outdated vault suit with something a little more modern. The second and third mods, N7 Themed Vaultsuit (by Ruddy88) and Tron Inspired Vault Suit (by SethSaiph) customize your vault suit to look similar to outfits seen in Mass Effect and Tron respectively, and they look AMAZING. The last mod, Black Vaultsuit (by shiz0), is a simple colour adjustment that turns the vault suit into a sleek and stylish piece of attire that should bring out your character’s inner bad-ass.

Most of the above mods allow you to adjust the colours and other aspects of the suits, but if they’re not your cup of tea, follow this link to check out all of the vault suit mods your little heart desires.


Excuse that regrettable subheading. This entry is dedicated to showing off some of the best-looking new outfit mods I was able to round up. Most of them aren’t immersive and barely fit into the Fallout canon, but what the hell, they’re stylish AF!

Deserter X is a really spectacular modder who’s responsible for the four outfit collections in the gallery above, and it’s some really great work. The first of the collections you should really take a look at is Commonwealth Shorts, which adds 16 cute, adventurous and all-round stylish looking craftable outfits to your personal collection. Commonwealth Mini Dresses adds nine new dresses to the game, and most of them could maybe, probably fit into the Fallout mythos if you really want them to. The dresses can also be equipped by male characters if you’re feeling adventurous.

The third of Deserter X’s collections is a favourite of mine, and it’s called the Adventurer Outfit. It comes in six variations, looks great on both male and female characters, and really feels like something you’d wear after the bombs drop. The fourth mod from Deserter X is the Chem I Care outfit, because, you know, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re in a Tarantino movie and dress up as a sinister death nurse?

Next, we have a bit of a special entry. It’s special because this one mod alone adds “over 30” outfits to Fallout 4, and there are versions of each outfit for male and female characters. EQUALITY!

Eli’s Armour Collection Remade (by Elianora) is a collection of all the modder’s outfits in one place and includes things like heavy-looking armour and swanky jumpsuits. For best results, the modder recommends installing the mods Armorsmith Extended (by Gambit77) and Valdacil’s Item Sorting (by Valdacil), both of which I’ll probably be going over in detail in another installment.

What game are you playing again?

Fallout 4 is an amazing game. It’s more than capable of keeping me entertained for many, many hours/days/months. But sometimes playing the game exactly as Bethesda intended can get a little monotonous. Which is why it occasionally needs some help from other games – or more accurately, needs help from characters from other franchises.

Darth-Vader Armor with Havok Cloth Physics (by invalidfate) is up first, and pretty much obligatory. The mod was ported from Skyrim and brings the terror of Lord Vader to the Commonwealth, as well as featuring “hovok cloth featuresm”, which basically makes the costume seem more… flowy and stuff.

Metal Gear Solid – ALL IN ONE STANDALONE (by Akiba91) includes various clothing and accessories inspired by the Metal Gear franchise, all of which look surprisingly great in the game. Suits, eyepatches, faces for Snake and Quiet, bionic arms, holsters, belt bags and even horns are all included in the mod, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Kerrigan Bodysuit (by Guffeh) is a suit based on Dominic Qwek’s “Kerrigan Dezerged” outfit and makes the Queen of Blades from StarCraft look a little less terrifying. The mod includes the suit and “Kerrigan Glasses”, which are futuristic, pimped-out goggles.

Witcher – Geralt’s Prologue Gears (by renn) is one of the best outfit mods I’ve ever seen, and not just because I’m a huge fan of The Witcher 3. The mod doesn’t just add Geralt’s prologue gear from his third adventure, it also adds his Viper gear, wolf mask, and even a new (fairly useful) weapon in the form of a crossbow, complete with bolt ammo.

Now that your character looks all spiffy, it’s time to end part 3 and get back to the Commonwealth! As always, if you think I missed a mod you’d like to have seen on the list, or if you need some help with modding, OR EVEN if you just want someone to talk to, I’m here for you (in the comments).