See whether VR will melt your PC by using Valve’s handy PC-MELTING-VR-TESTING-TOOL*


Virtual Reality is poised to make us all antisocial drool bags come April 2016. Actually, it’s poised to make specific countries’ populations antisocial drool bags, because neither Oculus VR’s nor Valve’s headsets are going to be available in South Africa. I keep bringing that up; I must be bitter about it.

Anyway, to make sure that your PC is ready to usher in your new, antisocial drool bag status, Valve has put together a tool that’ll basically stress test your rig to see whether it’ll stand up to all the bonkers hardware requirements for VR. The tool is available directly through Steam and is a 1.9GB download. I installed it overnight but the tool doesn’t even launch when I double-click… so THAT bodes well for my PC! For others, you’ll get a rating on a sliding scale telling you if your PC is “Not Ready”, “Capable”, or “Ready”. Pretty straight forward.

What’s neat is that if your PC survives the VR testing tool’s demo (based on Valve’s familiar Aperture Robot Repair VR demo), but doesn’t quite cut the mustard for VR, it’ll tell you where the issue lies: either your GPU, CPU, or both.

And, of course, people are ALREADY data mining the hell out of this tool, and yes, they have already found Half-Life related stuff in there. Oh Valve, you big old teases, enough now.

Source: Steam

*Not its actual name, but totally should be. Feel free to contact me for further naming advice, Valve! <3