Watch AND listen to this: making the music of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a good game! It’s a fantastic RTS. It’s also a fantastic Homeworld game. A lot of what makes it a great Homeworld games lies in the sound and music design. Composer Paul Ruskay worked on the previous two Homeworld games. He returned for Deserts of Kharak and took deliberate cues from his previous works in order to tie the three games together.

If you’re one of those video game dorks who appreciate the musical components of the titles you play through, then this brief video on the making of Deserts of Kharak‘s soundtrack will be right up your dusty, sun-drenched sand dune. There’s some cool insight into Ruskay’s design process, like how he divided his score into two distinct sounds based on location in the game.

Homeworld 2‘s score had a big Indian influence in it’s sound, and that has continued in Deserts of Kharak. However, while Ruskay had to rely on synths and samples to produce that sound for Homeworld 2, with Deserts of Kharak he was afforded the opportunity to work alongside the Delhi-based Village Studios and its musicians.