Humble Indie Bundle 16 is go, includes Sunless Sea


Sunless Sea reared its monstrous head a couple of times in the two-part list (part one is here, part two here) of our favourite games of 2015. It’s just that good. Its watery perils and fascination with literary shenanigans are unique within gaming’s depths, so it was always going to be an instant hit with us.

If you’ve been itching to find out why we love it so much ever since you spotted its inclusion, there’s no better time to grab it than right now thanks to its inclusion in the 16th Humble Indie Bundle. And yes, the bundle comes bearing other great games as well.

Paying whatever you want will get you copies of OutlastRetro City Rampage DX and Never Alone (along with its DLC). Cough up more than the average and you’ll bag yourself Trine 3 and Door Kickers. Paying two dollars more than the average price is what’ll add Sunless Sea to your collection, along with Else Heart.Break(), which I’ve not yet played but have heard good things about.

Head over here to throw cash at the bundle. Naturally there’s the usual inclusion of selected soundtracks, as well as a coupon for 10% off the next Humble Monthly delivery. Humble Indie Bundle 16 will be available for the next two weeks, and as always next Tuesday will see a bunch more games added to the bundle, so keep your eye on it to see what other goodies arise.

Here, have a video: