Bears are A-holes in the launch trailer for The Flame in the Flood


The Flame in the Flood is the work of ex-Irrational Games staffers, which in turn means that the team of developers who brought it to life helped in the creation of BioShock, which in a second PLOT-TWIST (but not really) turn means it immediately grabbed our interest when it first appeared.

The game describes itself as a “rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America”. If that collection of words has your eyebrow raised, let’s watch the launch trailer together.

Nice that. I love the look of the thing, equal parts ominous and inviting, and the twangy, raspy, foot-stomping music. In essence it’s one of these survival games that are so intensely popular at the moment, so there’s the usual loop of scavenging for important resources, crafting tools, setting traps to catch meaty food, fending off attacks from predators and hoping to find tins of beans in a dead rat’s tiny rat-shoes.

I like that you’ve got a canine buddy by your side, and that the river you’re traversing is randomly generated and full of danger. Also, those bears and wolves are acting like total dicks and I hate them all.

The game’s on special for R197 at the moment, but once the price returns to normal it’ll be R219. I’ve not yet played the game so I can’t tell you if it’s any good, but if you’re intrigued, head over to its Steam page.