Watch society consume itself in The Division’s “Collapse” simulator


March 8th is right around the corner, which means The Division is very nearly on our doorstep. Most people who’ve played the game’s beta seem quite smitten with it, so that’s a good sign.

Ubisoft has released a nifty “end of society simulator” called Collapse as a unique way to generate additional hype for The Division. It’s built specifically to show how quickly the human race would succumb to a deadly pandemic given the complex network of fragile systems on which we rely. It’s pretty neat.

It’s played in your browser and uses locational data to show how rapidly an infection could spread through the area of your choosing. I started in Randburg, went to a Dis-Chem, watched a Woolworths get raided and somehow ended up trapped in Zanzibar or something. It’s obviously all heavily scripted and the “choices” you make are entirely meaningless, but the factoids that drop along the way are nevertheless pretty fascinating and terrifying.

You can visit this link to give Collapse a go yourself. And here’s a tie-in trailer:

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