WIN: a bundle of sexy XCOM 2 goodness


I love me some XCOM 2. What, you’re not prepared to take my word for it? You want Actual Proof? That’s… strange, but I guess you could read my review. Go. I’ll wait until you’re back.

Aaaaanyway, now that you’ve read around 2,000 words of me gushing about the game’s dramatic brilliance, I’m sure you’re excited to get your own hands on Firaxis’ excellent alien-bashing extravaganza, in which case I’ve got good news for you. Follow me!

The lovely bunch of humans (well, maybe. The Thin Men are everywhere) over at Megarom have very kindly provided us with an XCOM 2 hamper to give away to one lucky luckerson. Inside the hamper you’ll find a T-shirt emblazoned with the XCOM shield/emblem thingy, a snazzy stainless steel mug bearing the same, a copy of the prequel novel XCOM 2: Resurrection and a huge, utterly gorgeous XCOM 2 art book. Finally (and most importantly, because it’s no doubt what you’re all here for), there’s a copy of the game included as well. Bear in mind that the game’s only available for PC.

If you’d like to throw your name in the hat to potentially be randomly selected on a random date in the future as this competition’s random winner, just leave a comment below. Bonus points if your comment includes your favourite XCOM story ever – or in other words, if you can tell us why XCOM‘s important to you. Hey, I shared mine, it’s only fair you do the same.

I’m not saying it’ll definitely improve your chances, but hey, if we like your story, maybe the process of selecting the winner will be slightly less random. Know what I’m saying, I lay it out for y’all to play it out, do you catch my drift, etc.