Alan Wake’s Return appears on European trademarking website

Alan Wake 2

Before you start rejoicing, everyone calm down for a moment. Yes, I’m talking to you Tarryn.

On the 23rd of February, Remedy Entertainment filed a trademark application for Alan Wake’s Return. We don’t quite know what it means yet. There’s a bunch of trademark jargon in the article below, but it would be awesome if you’d read it anyway.

Currently the trademark application is undergoing review, and is in an “opposition period”. This process is due to end in May. The trademark is filed under three Nice Classifications: 9, 28, and 41. Class 9 confirms that Returns is definitely a video game because it’s used to classify “Games software; Computer games programmes downloaded via the internet [software]; Video game programs.”

28 corresponds to “Toys, games, playthings and novelties; Games; Toys; Action toys”, which may hint towards some kind of tie-in merchandise. 41 is the broadest classification, covering a range of services like online leaderboards, film and television productions, literature, and even browser-based games.

A while back Remedy released a concept video showing off their vision for an Alan Wake sequel and it received a very favourable response. Remedy’s next title, Quantum Break, will be sold bundled with the original Alan Wake. Check out the concept video below and cross your fingers that the trademark filing points to a sequel.

Source: Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market