Samorost 3 out in March, celebrates with beautiful new trailer


Amanita Design is renowned for crafting aesthetically astonishing games. Anyone who’s played Machinarium or Botanicula can attest to the humbling beauty of Amanita’s interactive works, and the magical playfulness of the adventure experiences they create. That said, many folks out there seem to have never heard of the studio’s first game: Samorost.

Samorost was a brief, Flash-based, free-to-play browser game that quickly proved Amanita was destined for greatness. It garnered enough attention to spawn a short, but well-received sequel some two years later in 2005, and soon the game will be getting a second sequel, this time promising to be a more substantial, full-length adventure.

And as you’d expect, it looks incredible.

Wow. So much of wow. That look is achieved using a combination of photographs and hand-drawn art, and the resulting effect blows my mind-gates wide open. That music’s quite something too, isn’t it?

It’s been something like four years since Samorost 3 was announced, and after all this time it finally has a release date: March 24th. If you’ve even a passing interest in point-and-click adventures, go mark the date right now.