There’s a Dark Souls mobile game, and it’s basically just one big attempt to get you to pre-order Dark Souls III


Bandai Namco has partnered with video game retailer Gamestop to bring a Dark Souls title to mobile devices. And that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this “gamevertorial”. I just invented that word; it’s when a game acts like an advertorial. Clever, right? Never mind.

Slashy Souls is out on iOS and Android, but you’ll need to look on US stores if you absolutely HAVE TO try the game, which trust me, you don’t. Your endless-runner type of game certainly looks like it belongs in the Dark Souls universe, only with a pixelated, 2D sprite aesthetic. The real kicker is that the actual gameplay is prefaced and concluded by garish prompts to “PRE-ORDER DARK SOULS III AT GAMESTOP”.

As for the game? Well it’s pretty bare-bones. There’ not much here, and maybe only the total die-hard Dark Souls fans will be able to find value. Polygon has some footage if you’re interested, but if you’ve seen one endless-runner then you pretty much know what to expect. Oh wait, you are interested? OK, hit the jump.

Via: Kotaku