Here’s another look at Total War: Warhammer’s gloriously lively battles


Total War: Warhammer is still looking as fantastic as ever, and my excitement is real. With the game due to launch on April 28th, it’s not long until we’ll get our hands on Creative Assembly’s first crack at Games Workshop’s beloved franchise o’ war.

There’s a new, almost 13-minute long video of one of the game’s battles in action, showing off some of the key facets of combat that you’ll have to master if you hope to survive the especially brutal Warhammer Fantasy world.

To tell you the truth I’ve not got the time to watch all 13 minutes of it right now, but I skimmed through enough of it for that sense of eager anticipation to fire up again. It just looks so Warhammer-y and viciously satisfying, and I especially like the way they’re handling magic in the game.

As I said, Total War: Warhammer‘s out at the end of April. I’m hoping for good things.

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