A movie version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series has been in the pipeline for several years now. It’s changed directors a few times, and the actor in the starring role of Roland Deschain has been disputed too. Now, a tweet from King himself has finally confirmed who will be playing Roland in the upcoming movie.

It’s Idris Elba, and I’m excited.

The tweet below confirmed that the star of Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomLuther and Beasts of No Nation will be cast alongside Matthew McConaughey of Intersteller and True Detective fame.

Elba followed up on the announcement with a clever joke that plays on both the mechanics of Twitter and the opening line of The Gunslinger:

To which McConaughey (who will be portraying the villainous man in black) replied:

All of this points towards a good amount of chemistry between the actors, which will hopefully translate to the screen nicely.

The casting of Roland has changed multiple times, and for a while it looked like Javier Bardem would be filling the role. Despite the fact that Roland is depicted as being white in the books, and is clearly inspired by Clint Eastwood in his classic Western roles, Elba is a fitting choice to play such a badass character. It also clearly shows that director Nikolaj Arcel has a unique vision for the films, and will adapt the source material to cater to a more modern, diverse audience.

Shooting of the film is slated to commence in just seven weeks, right here in South Africa, and it’s planned to launch in January 2017. Personally, I hope that Aaron Paul gets cast as Eddie.

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