The Division is out in less than a week. People are mighty excited! Matthew seemed to enjoy his time with the recent open beta, and Tarryn was so deeply infatuated with it that she won’t stop talking about it. Seriously. She messages me about it constantly. And not calm, “I’m just curious to see how it plays out” messages either. They’re more like crack-addicted, “Dane I need it do you have it yet I NEED IT DANE” messages.

If you share Tarryn’s obsession, you’ll be happy to know the game’s now got a launch trailer. No, it’s not as good as actually playing it. But maybe seeing it in action again will be enough to satisfy your cravings for at least the next few hours. Or it’ll just make the cravings worse. And I’m not even sorry.

“I trained for the few minutes it took to complete the unskippable tutorial. BUT IT’S WORSE THAN ANYTHING I COULD’VE IMAGINED.” Ah, good times.

As always, it’s looking great. I didn’t play the beta, so I can’t say I’m able to sympathise with Tarryn’s feelings. I’m definitely keen to play it though, and when it launches next Tuesday I’ll dive in. If you’re still jonesing for more footage of the game, Ubisoft released two trailers for it a few days ago that I missed. This one shows off the NVIDIA GameWorks tech present in The Division:

And this shows off the 60fps gameplay on PC:

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