This is how to submit your entries to the rAge Cape Town NAG Jam


The second NAG Jam begins tomorrow night at 7pm! EXCITE!

If you’re planning to participate, I’ve got fresh details on how to submit your entries. Follow me.

“Wait, Dane, hold up,” I hear you say as you anxiously scramble to match my hurried pace. “What the toenail clippings is a NAG Jam?”

Here, read this,” I respond, turning around briefly to throw a hefty user manual at your outstretched arms. “Everything you need to know is in there.”

What’s not been in that manual until now is where and how to submit your game once it’s at least semi-complete. What you need to do is visit our jam page, and from there not only will you be able to sign up and indicate that you’re going to be doing the NAG Jam, but at any time between the 7pm Thursday to 7pm Sunday window, you’ll have the option to submit your game for us to judge. Remember that the submission window is strictly controlled, so make sure you leave yourself enough time towards the end of development to complete the submission process.

Don’t forget that we’ll be announcing the theme of the jam tomorrow night at 7pm via our Twitter feed. Here’s a bit of sage advice given last year by Rodain Joubert, acclaimed local game developer and creator of Desktop Dungeons:

“This is an expo game, folks! People need to come to the stand, figure it out immediately and be able to have a decent game session in just a few minutes. Keeping your game short and sweet will make it easier to develop AND give more people at rAge an enjoyable gaming experience!”

Best of luck everyone!

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