The Necron are coming to Dawn of War II’s Last Stand mode


In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution (O_O), developer Relic Entertainment and publisher SEGA are adding a new playable champion to The Last Stand, the game’s immensely fun cooperative wave survival mode.

The Necron Overlord is the mode’s 8th character, and marks the first official appearance of the Necron in Dawn of War II. There’s a trailer and some more info below.

While the existence of Dawn of War III isn’t much more than rumours and speculation right now, SEGA and Relic have proven recently that they’re more than willing to keep the current Dawn of War games alive with fresh content. Last year they released new maps for the original Dawn of War, as well as a chunk of ultra-bloody DLC for Dawn of War II.

SEGA say that the Necron Overlord serves as a way to reward the game’s community for its “unwavering dedication”, and with that in mind they’re giving away the Necron Overlord DLC for free to anyone who grabs it between 10 and 15 March. Once those five days are up, the DLC will cost around R150. A new patch for the game will launch alongside the DLC, addressing a bunch of bugs and adding new achievements.

Here, watch this to nurture your excitement:

And have this description of the Necron Overlord’s play style and abilities:

“The Overlords of the Necrons, armed with crackling warscythes, turn any battlefield into carnage as they dispatch foes in flares of blinding energy and even summon the powerful Nightbringer Shard to devastate foes. The new hero boasts a fresh combat style, playable as both a long-ranged, fast-firing battlecruiser, or as an area-of-effect melee expert.”

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