Doom is getting alternative box art


Many of us were ecstatic when the new Doom was originally announced, but the same can’t be said of when the box art was revealed. It simply screams “bland, generic military shooter” and it certainly isn’t worthy of something as culturally significant to gaming as Doom.

Fortunately, the benevolent folks at publisher Bethesda have heard the outcry from fans and are conducting a poll on Doom‘s official Twitter feed in order to decide which of two possible covers will make the grade. One of the options is a colourful depiction of demons overwhelming the space marine in a manner reminiscent of the original game’s artwork, while the second option goes for minimalism and features a black background with the game’s logo and some demonic imagery in a style that wouldn’t be out of place on a black metal album.

Doom Option B

Doom Option A

The game is set for a May 13 release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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