Far Cry Primal map weirdly similar to Far Cry 4’s


Digital cartographers have taken a gander at Far Cry Primal’s map and found that it appears to have aspects of it cloned from Far Cry 4. I’ve found the series a far cry from interesting since the second one (you know, the one with malaria and crap guns), and detractors of the franchise often bemoan the eventual repetitiveness of the mechanics and the gameplay, but it’s the first time the world itself has come under scrutiny.

You can see a comparison of the two maps after the jump. I’ve got to say, the similarities are very similar-looking. Given Far Cry Primal‘s prehistoric setting, you might even say it’s a… carbon copy.

Horatio sunglasses, affirmative exclamation.

Far Cry 4


Far Cry Primal


Source: Gamepressure.com