Next Friday, otherwise known as March 11th, is the day when we’ll get our hands on the new, episodic Hitman. This debut release brings with it the game’s prologue and Paris missions, and given that IO and Square Enix have promised much larger, much more open (and therefore open to experimentation) murderous playgrounds for you to sneak and stab and shoot and strangle your way through, I’m eager to get my paws on it to see if they’ve succeeded at capturing the Hitman spirit of old.

There’s a trailer below, showing off snippets of the two introductory levels in action.

You’ll notice that there’s also some footage of the game’s upcoming Sapenzia and Marrakesh levels, which are due out in April and May respectively. The various levels really do look enormous, and more importantly they appear to be enticingly non-linear. We won’t have to wait much longer to see if it lives up to the promises.

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