ASUS Geforce GTX 950 White (2)

The NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 is one of the best mid-range graphics cards the company has made to date, powering games at 1080p with almost maximum details without a hiccup for the most part. It’s compatible with a wide range of NVIDIA tech, supports G-Sync, has H.265 hardware decode and encode capability, and is DirectX 12 compliant. ASUS today revealed a slightly tweaked version of their GTX 950, but this one is rather special in that it has no 6-pin PEG power adapter, which means that it is powered only by the PCI-Express slot that it plugs into. This could be an interesting card for those of you building a gaming rig with a power budget in mind.

Officially called the “GTX950-2G” on the specs sheets, this GTX 950 variant doesn’t seem at all crippled compared to others that retain the extra power plug. The base clock is set to 1026MHz, with a boost clock of 1190MHz and GDDR5 memory speeds coming in at 1650MHz (6.6GHz effective). If you use the ASUS drivers with the card, you can optionally dial in an overclock mode which sets the base clock to 1051MHz, with a boost clock of 1228MHz. These jumps aren’t very impressive, but they’ll still allow one to keep under the 75W power profile.

ASUS Geforce GTX 950 White (1)

For connectivity, there’s one HDMI 2.o port, Displayport 1.2a, and dual-link DVI-I, which means that running three monitors on this card is possible, though you certainly wouldn’t want to do it for gaming purposes. The cooler shroud is similar to the ones found on ASUS’ Strix family, but bears a white owl theme instead. The fans do the usual spinning-down thing when the card drops to a certain temperature, making the card essentially a passive design at that point.

Pricing and availability were not announced by ASUS, but it’ll probably fall in around R3500. Some GTX 950 cards can drop as low as R3200, and others can touch R4300 for reasons that I can’t yet fathom.

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