Check out the attention-stealing art of roguelike platformer Gonner


Gonner is the first game from new studio Art in Heart, and the look of the thing is so charmingly unique that it’s impossible to unglue your eyes from the screen once you see it in motion. In it, you play as a skeletal critter named Ikk, and your mission is to cheer up your only friend in the whole world. And that friend is a giant, landbound whale named Sally. To cheer her up, you’ve got to search for “just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby”.

There’s nothing I don’t love about that premise. Onwards!

The official site goes on to explain that you’ll have Death as your mentor, who’ll help equip you with a bunch of cool abilities and weapons. There’ll be a variety of environment types, random generation, boss battles and multiple endings to enjoy. The trailer also seems to show that, rather than having a traditional health bar, Ikk’s limbs are his health, and getting hit causes you to lose them. You’ll then have to rush to pick them all up again before something else gets a hit on you and you’re sent to your eternal doom.

And by eternal, I of course mean until you start your next run. Here, have a look at the lovely trailer and marvel at its uniquely alluring art. If you’re interested, you can find more works from the primary developer of Gonner here.

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