WIN: Far Cry Primal and a pack of prehistoric loot


Hello, and welcome to Monday morning. YUCK. You know who didn’t have to deal with the perils of Mondays? Cave people, that’s who. Back in the Stone Age, it was difficult to really care what day of the week it was when so much of the surrounding fauna was packing far bigger teeth than you were. The brutal truth is that you were just as likely to become some terrible beastie’s semi-delicious meal on a Saturday night as you were on a Monday morning.

But we’re not in the Stone Age anymore, even though sometimes it may feel like we are. Which means we’ve got the horrors of Monday to contend with once every seven days. Thankfully, Megarom wants to help make this particular Monday a bit more bearable by generously providing us with a set of flashy Far Cry Primal-themed goodies for you to potentially win.

Up for grabs is a hamper packed to bursting with the following: a cloth patch, a chapka, a really cool mug, a T-shirt and a hoodie, all of it themed around Far Cry Primal. Of course, there’ll also be a copy of the game included, on the platform of your choosing.

If you’d be willing to go toe-to-toe with an angry mammoth to claim this prize as your own, all you need to do is leave a comment below, specifying your preferred platform. As the competition draws on, we’ll decide whether or not to actually arrange a skirmish between you and the stray mammoth that somehow squeezed itself into our air vents. It’s more likely we’ll just randomly draw a winner, but we’ll see.

Good luck!

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