gskill oc world cup 2016

If Gigabyte starting their overclocking competition this month wasn’t enough crazy for LN2 enthusiasts to plan for, G.SKILL ups the ante with the announcement of OC World Cup 2016. Each year, G.SKILL hosts the OC World Cup overclocking competition with the live four-day finals at the G.SKILL booth during Computex. This year, G.SKILL will be providing a $16,200 USD total cash prize pool for the winners, with the first-place finisher crowned Grand Champion with a grand prize of $10,000 (that’s something like R150,000 for us poor saps).

The OC World Cup 2016 is split into three rounds – Online Qualifier, Live Qualifier, and the Grand Finals. The Online Qualifier’s round will be held on HWBOT from 7th March to 11th April 2016, featuring 3 benchmarks: Highest DDR4 Frequency, 3DMark 01 with IGP, and 3DMark 11 with IGP. The benchmarks are selected to challenge the memory tweaking skills of overclockers on G.SKILL DDR4 memory, Intel 6th Gen Skylake processors, and the Intel Z170 platform. The top 6 contestants will win the tickets to participate in the OC World Cup 2016 Live Qualifiers at Computex 2016.

The Live Qualifier and Grand Finals will be held live at the G.SKILL booth during Computex from 31st May to 3rd June 2016. The prizes include $10,000 for the champion, $2500 and a 16GB G.SKILL Trident X DDR4-4000 kit for second place, $1500 and a 16GB G.SKILL Trident X DDR4-4000 kit for third place, and $1200 and $1000 prizes for fourth and fifth placed contestants respectively.

All 6 contestants of the OC World Cup 2016 Live Qualifiers will also receive one kit of DDR4 3600MHz CL15 16GB (8GBx2), one kit of DDR4 4000MHz 8GB (4GBx2) memory, and win sponsorship of G.SKILL’s new upcoming DDR4 memory for the next-gen DDR4 platform. You can read up on the terms and conditions for the competition here. Good luck!

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