Check out Nioh in action in new trailer

Nioh cover

Team Ninja, best known for their Ninja Gaiden series, officially unveiled Nioh at the PlayStation Experience in 2015. Proper in-game footage has now been released via a video that showcases a segment played behind closed doors at PSX 2015.

The video shows off samurai-Geralt (they’re clearly not even trying to hide it) dispatching various enemies and demons. There’s a very distinct Dark Souls vibe, and the combat seems to favour quick thinking and fighting smart instead of mashing buttons to perform attacks. Combat is dependent on a stamina bar, and well-timed blocks and dodges are essential for survival. The footage also shows off a fairly large equipment selection, so hopefully the RPG elements run deep.

Interestingly, Nioh seems to have a stance mechanic. It depicts several kendo stances, and I’m guessing each affects how your character will fight with his katana, yari and yumi.

Nioh is expected to launch later this year, exclusive to PS4.