Enjoy cosmic horror? Check out The Sinking City

The sinking city

The works of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos have long served as the inspiration for many creative works across many different forms of media, video games included. So it’s no surprise that a developer with a good track record is tackling a new Cthulhu-inspired project. It looks appealing, and it seems to tick all the right boxes for a game aiming to channel Lovecraftian horror.

Frogwares, developer of several well-received Sherlock Holmes games, has unveiled The Sinking City. The game bills itself as  an “investigation” game set in a hostile open world, dripping with Cthulhu-related madness.

You’ll take on the role of a private investigator (that ticks one box) in the 1920s (another box ticked), who must explore a supernaturally flooded city in New England (that ticks a box I didn’t even know it needed to). According to a press release the city “trembles on the brink of madness”, and judging by the screenshots will be incredibly hostile and dangerous to explore.

The sinking city University

At present there isn’t much else to go on besides some artwork, but there’s a lot to glean from them. The open world will clearly be traversable by boat, and it looks like our protagonist will carry firearms. Another piece of artwork shows off some characters battling a gigantic, monstrous being, which may hint towards boss battles. Possibly the most exciting and mysterious picture shows a character walking across a drained seabed towards a towering monolith. What is it? What happened to the ocean?

The Sinking City Dagon

As you can tell, I’m excited by the concept. Hopefully we’ll have more to share of The Sinking City soon.

Source: Frogwares website

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