The Division has launched, and its servers buckled under the strain as all the pre-orders came online. These days this is practically expected. Unlike other game launches, however, the other issues hounding The Division‘s opening days are just plain charming.

Players battling to join servers have been greeted by a number of error codes using the NATO alphabet – common in military lingo – much to the “amusement” of players, who’ve dedicated an entire subreddit (warning: strong language) to some clown called Mike who is ruining everyone’s day.

Another issue is the quest for immersion Ubisoft undertook by not allowing your character to move through other players’ characters. Jerks Innocent, oblivious souls have mistakenly, without any malice, discovered that because of this they can “accidentally” block the doorway in the starting area.

On a related note, apparently only a single person can speak to an NPC at any given time. Yes, in an always-online multiplayer shooter with story elements, only one person in your server instance can speak to a character at any particular moment. This has resulted in players setting up queues in areas, making this the most orderly apocalypse you can imagine. Excuse the language in the below tweet, but I think it perfectly summarises the situation.

I was kind of cold to The Division, but I think I’ve changed my mind. This is the current-gen experience I’ve been waiting for.

Source: Eurogamer, Twitter

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