The MAG Rope is one of Faith’s new toys in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


A few days ago EA and DICE released trailers detailing the movement and combat mechanics of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. They’ve now lifted the lid on one of the spiffy gadgets to which Faith will have access in the new game. It’s called the Manifold Attachment Gear Rope, and it’s set to allow for some interesting new ways to traverse the city of Glass.

In essence, the MAG Rope is a means for Faith to latch on to specific objects within the game’s environments. You’ll gain access to it early on, and its most basic use is using it to swing across gaps too large to jump across. Your momentum will carry into the swing, and you’ll have full control over the speed and direction. You’ll also obviously have to decide on the best time to let go.

As the game progresses, Faith’s MAG Rope can be upgraded. One of these upgrades lets you pull yourself towards the attachment point, allowing you to scale walls and gain access to new areas in the world. Another upgrade turns the device into something of a grappling hook, and this can be used to grab and pull certain objects towards you. The devs give the example of a panel that can be pulled open for Faith to jump on and use as a platform that she can then quickly leap off of before it closes again.

The MAG Rope is sure to make traversing the open world of Catalyst much more interesting and far less restrictive than it would otherwise be. If you’re interested in learning more, read DICE’s full explanation of the MAG Rope, its uses and the team’s reasons for including it in the game.

While you wait for the game’s May 24th release date, pass a few minutes with this new developer diary for the game:

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