Obsidian’s next RPG is called Tyranny


Obsidian and Paradox have announced that they’re collaborating on a new role-playing game, and its premise is mighty intriguing. The game’s tagline is “Sometimes, evil wins”, and that’s a difficult sequence of words to ignore.

There’s not an awful lot of information about the game at present, but delve deeper into this post to learn what we know so far.

In Tyranny, you’re not exactly a good person, and you’ve done some Bad Things. But you do have a chance at redeeming yourself, depending on the choices you make. It’s a game about making difficult, morally ambiguous decisions. The game begins where most would end with a game over screen, with the world having been plunged into darkness by the evil overlord Kyros. You play as one of Kyros’ underlings, and must decide if you’re willing to blindly follow the will of your master, or if you’ll betray Kyros and fight to rebuild this shattered world.

There’s extra information to be found at the game’s official site, and Obsidian/Paradox say more details will be revealed soon. I really like the core idea of Tyranny, and I’m excited to see what Obsidian is able to do with it. They’ve proven time and again that they’re excellent storytellers, and I’ve no doubt Tyranny will reflect that once more.