rAge Cape Town 2016: What I’m most excited about

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rAge Cape Town 2016 kicks off tomorrow, (so soon! I need to pack!), and I’m super excited. But I’m excited about more than the games, and the LAN, and the eSports. No, I’m excited for reasons that are unique to Cape Town. Hit the jump to join in my hype, and see if you agree with any of them!

5: A new batch of fans

I’ve been going to rAge in JHB for a few years now, and I’ve met and rubbed shoulders with fans, readers, and expo-goers from all walks of life. And very often when I read the comments sections of rAge-related articles, I would find many Capetonians crying out that they wanted a rAge all of their own to attend.

And now they have one! So I can’t wait to interact with a whole new, potentially massive, group of gamers who love the same things that I love.

4: Better weather

I’m a coastal lad. I live in a beach town known for humidity and frequent rains. As such, stepping out of a plane at OR Tambo is like stepping into an oven that has learned  how to hate humanity.

Like this, but in your lungs.

So a change of scenery would be welcome, especially one with some moisture in the air. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in Joburg. What I don’t love is inhaling super-heated air that makes my nasal passages look like a hot sidewalk, and causes my nose to gush blood like I’m a minor character in a Hellraiser movie.

3: Cosplay

I can only admire cosplayers. They’re truly dedicated fans, ones who will sweat and toil to realise their visions, and create something spectacular. Unless you just put on a hat and try to be ironic, saying you’re “cosplaying” a Grand Theft Auto NPC.

DC cosplay

So why is rAge Cape Town uniquely exciting for cosplay? Two reasons: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Deadpool. Both movies came out after rAge Johannesburg 2015, and I’m certain that both films have inspired many cosplay designs. So I’m looking forward to bumping into Finn, Kylo Ren, Deadpool, Negasonic, or the inevitable Kylo-Pool cosplay that I just thought up now.

Be sure to check out Legionink’s Facebook page for more details of how your amazing costumes can win you prizes.

2: So much gambling

If we have to compare locations, then I think rAge Cape Town’s Grand West Casino might win. Don’t get me wrong, The TicketPro Dome is spectacular, and being inside it takes my breath away (literally, because of Joburg’s elevation above sea level). But you know what it doesn’t have? Blackjack and roulette, that’s what.

This one might not appeal to all of you, especially if you’re under 18, but I’ve enjoyed playing in casinos ever since Red Dead Redemption taught me to play poker. Since then, I’ve greatly enjoyed other gambling mini-games, and even played in a weekly poker club for a while. In an actual casino though, I stick to roulette and play the low-paying 50-50 odds, or I try my hand at Blackjack. I don’t plan to gamble much, but it’s fun to have the option, and I’ll be looking out for other expo-goers on the betting floor.

Oh, and because my lawyers “suggested” I say this: NAG Online supports responsible gambling, for over 18s only. If you or someone else has a gambling addiction, check out a website like the National Responsible Gambling Programme for support.

1: Chris Kemp won’t be there…

Everyone needs a nemesis, right? A rival, an opponent, a Joker to their Batman. Well, for years now my nemesis has been NAG Online’s one-and-only Chris Kemp. On the website, we’ll occassionally give each other challenges, or sling a few insults, or cross verbal swords once or twice. In person, however, this man cheats me at board games and compromises my Cuphead abilites. I’m also sure he steals all the snacks in the media room. I haven’t seen it, but I know…

Ladies and gentlemen: Chris Kemp, at his finest...
Ladies and gentlemen: Chris Kemp, at his finest…

And now, his debatebly-evil presence won’t be at rAge Cape Town! I won’t need to keep checking the Marvel Vs. Systems‘ rulebook every five minutes, or try match his insults, or bask in the glory of his supurb Roman chin. Nope, this time it will just be me, unopposed, not constantly having to fling acidic one-liners every five minutes.

Wait a sec… don’t I need a nemesis? Damn, I got so excited for a moment! Without Chris Kemp, who will I match wits against? It’ll be like playing a one-man tennis match, or like Gotham City without The Joker! Alright readers, I need a new nemesis for rAge Cape Town, any takers?

rAge Cape Town 2016 kicks off this Friday, and actual details can be yours on the official website.