rAge 2016 Cape Town: eSports round-up Day 1

DGL Cover-wtm

rAge 2016 Cape Town kicked off on Friday with both flash bang grenades and an excellent display of professional gaming talent. The Telkom DGL Masters saw some of South Africa’s best square off in Counter Strike: GO, and at the Astro Gaming Cup some very skilled Black Ops III teams gunning it out! Hit the jump for all the highlights.

Counter-Strike: GO

The Telkom DGL Masters tournament ran  throughout the day, pitting eight professional Counter-Strike: GO teams against each other in an elimination-style setup for a R100,000 prize pool. The tournament kicked off with a Bravado Gaming Vs. Veneration eSports match-up, which ended up with a 2-0 victory for Bravado. The team dominated  their match, winning their games 16-0 on Inferno and 16-2 on Cache, earning Bravado Gaming the first spot in Saturdays semi-final bracket.

Their opponents being the carboN eSports team, who defeated Flipsid3 Tactics with a 2-0 victory. Bravado and carboN will square off at 15h00 on the 19th of March (Saturday), with the winners going to the Grand Finals. The other slots in the Semi Finals will be decided on the 19th as well, starting with Damage Control Vs. White Rabbit Gaming at 08h30, followed by Aperture Gaming Vs. Xperts @ Total Chaos at 11h45. The two winners of these matches will face-off in the second Semi Final on the 20th of March, at 09h30.

Day two of the Telkom DGL Masters can be watched at stand 62, which is impossible to miss because it is huge, blue, and constantly surrounded by eSports fans. If you don’t want to be surrounded by eSports fans, catch the games on Twitch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The other big eSports tournament is the Astro Gaming Cup, a Black Ops III event played on PS4. The invitational tournament iss hosted by ASTRO Gaming (a headphone manufacturer which recently launched its products locally) in collaboration with Clan Connection and Zombie Gamer. Four invited teams compete in a round-robin style tournament ladder, namely ViNCO Gaming, Astra Infinite, Team Adept, and Energy eSports.


Three matches were played on Day One, kicking off with ViNCO Gaming Vs. Team Adept, which saw a 2-1 triumph by Team Adept. Match number two saw Energy eSports squaring off against Astra Infinite, and ending in a 2-0 victory for Astra Infinite. The final match of the day saw ViNCO and Energy return to the machines, ending in a 2-0 victory for Energy eSports.

All four teams will compete again on Saturday, starting with Team Adepet Vs. Astra Infinite at 10am, followed by Team Adept Vs. Energy eSports at 11am, and finally with ViNCO Gaming Vs. Energy eSports at 12pm. From there, the brackets for the two semi finals matches will be decided, each of which kicks off at 14h00 and 16h00 respectively.

Check out the Astro Gaming Cup at stand 5, or stream it via Youtube.


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