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Another day of rAge Cape Town, another fine display of eSporting prowess at the Telkom DGL Masters and the Astro Gaming Cup. Hit the jump for more details about how the matches went.

Counter Strike: GO

The Telkom DGL Masters managed to attract a fair crowd yesterday – it was large, eager, and supportive. On Saturday however, they drew a massive crowd to the stage to watch the match ups. Seriously, the stands were filled in seconds, and “standing room only” became par of the course.

The games kicked off with Damage Control Vs. White Rabbit Gaming at 08h30.  The first round on Cache was an incredibly tightly fought round, that eventually went to Damage Control. They went on to take a more commanding lead in the next round, giving Damage Control a 2-0 win, and knocking White Rabbit Gaming out of the running.  Aperture Gaming Vs. Xperts@Total.Chaos followed at 11h45. Their matches went to Aperture, who knocked Xperts out of the running with a 2-0 victory, and will go on to face Damage Control in the second Semi Final, on Sunday the 20th, at 09h30.

DGL Body

The main draw of the day was the first Semi Final match, between Friday’s victors Bravado Gaming and carboN eSports, which drew in the aforementioned crowd at 15h00. The crowd has enthusiastic, with a great deal of support being shouted and Tweeted to both teams. The first round was a close one, ending at 16-12 to Bravado on Mirage. The second round was even more nail-biting, and went into overtime after a tightly fought 15-15 draw. In overtime, Bravado earned a dramatic victory, and took the match 2-0. They will play the victor of the second Semi Final at the Grand Final, which kicks off at 13h00.

Catch all the action on the final day of rAge Cape Town, at the Telkom DGL stage surrounded by eSports spectators. Or watch it here on Twitch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The Astro Gaming Cup continued with more displays of Call of Duty mastery by the four teams. The round-robin tournament resumed at 10h00 with a bout between Team Adept Vs. Astra Infinite, which saw both teams earn a win at Capture the Flag matches. The final Search and Destroy Mission secured a 2-1 victory for Team Adept. They had to return just a short while later, and take on  Energy eSports for their next match. Energy took their first round  at Breach Hardpoint, as well their second with a Capture the Flag victory on Breach, leaving the score at 2-0 to Energy eSports.

The third match saw ViNCO Gaming Vs. Astra Infinite. The first round, Stronghold Hardpoint, went to Astra, who also won Breach Uplink to secure a 2-0 victory over ViNCO. After a short break, the first Semi Final round had Astra Infinite and ViNCO Gaming rematch. The clash ended much like the first, and Astra Infinite took a 3-0 victory. The second Semi Final, and last match of the day, ended with a 3-1 victory for Energy eSports over Team Adept.

Bringing the Astro Gaming Cup’s second day to a close, the current brackets for the finals are: ViNCO Gaming Vs. Team Adept at 10h00 for third and fourth place, and a 12h00 match up between Astra Infinite Vs. Energet eSports for first and second.

Watch the conclusion to the Astro Gaming Cup live at stand 5 on Sunday, or via its Youtube stream, presented by Clan Connection.

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