rAge Cape Town 2016: eSports round-up day 3

rAge Cape Town 2016 is now behind us. Personally, I think it was a great success judging by the foot traffic and peoples’ reactions. Another thing that was a huge success was the final day of eSports, with matches that attracted throngs of eager expo-goers. Read on to find out how the Astro Gaming Cup and the Telkom DGL Masters concluded.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The final day of the popular Astro Gaming Cup commenced with a fight for third and fourth place between ViNCO Gaming and Team Adept. Adept took an early lead and kept up the pressure to eventually triumph 3-0 over ViNCO. Team Adept and ViNCO Gaming took third and fourth place respectively in the Astro Gaming Cup.

The fight for first place then began between Astra Infinite and Energy eSports, who took the lead after winning the opening round of Hardpoint. Astra evened the score by winning an extremely tight game of Search and Destroy. Astra maintained the momentum, taking the next round of Uplink with a commanding 11-1 score, although Energy was able to fight back into a draw with a win in Capture the Flag. In the end, Astra Infinite claimed victory with a Search and Destroy win, beating Energy eSports 3-2 and claiming the Astro Gaming Cup.

A big thanks to all those who made the games happen, the high level of COD skills kept a sizable crowd very entertained.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The main events in the eSports lineup were the matches that concluded the Telkom DGL Masters’ final day. The first match was a semi-final bout between Aperture Gaming and Damage Control. Aperture took the first map and it came right down to the wire on the second map, with a 16-14 score in favour of Aperture. With that 2-0 win, Aperture knocked Damage Control out of the tournament and filled the first empty slot in the grand final bracket.

rAge DGL masters

The grand final between Bravado Gaming and Aperture Gaming kicked off at 13h00, and both teams immediately dialled the intensity up to 11. The first map, Overpass, saw both teams fighting tooth and nail, clawing their ways up the scoreboard. The crowd was on the edge of their seats when map one went into overtime, and concluded with an intense 19-17 victory for Bravado. The second match was far more one-sided, as Bravado ploughed through everything Aperture could muster and won the map 15-1. With that, Bravado Gaming claimed first prize and were crowned the victors.

Congratulation to all the teams. The level of skill displayed in front of an excited audience was amazing to behold. We look forward to seeing similar performances at rAge Johannesburg 2016.

If you missed the action over the course of the weekend you can catch-up here for Day 1 highlights and here for Day 2 highlights.