The results from the HWBot OC World tour at rAge Cape Town are in!


Over the course of the weekend, HWBot, Intel, MSI, and NAG hosted an overclocking workshop for amateur overclockers as well as hosting the qualifiers for the African leg of the HWBot Extreme OC competition. A total of 82 people completed and competed in the workshop competition, while in the Extreme OC competition four of South Africa’s best and brightest competed for the honour of representing the country in Germany later this year.

Top Ten – HWBot Amateur Overclocking Workshop

Ranked from best to worst in terms of their Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility (XTU) score achieved with twenty minutes playing around with some nice hardware, these are your top ten ranked amateurs for the HWBot overclocking workshop:

  1. UFDisciple, with 1316 marks
  2. Anroe, with 1310 marks
  3. geeman236, with 1301 marks
  4. CHeesjimmy, with 1296 marks
  5. TREDX, with 1288 marks
  6. Cambrion, with 1286 marks
  7. kickass, with 1283 marks
  8. EternalGamer786, with 1278 marks
  9. MrGordons, with 1278 marks
  10. Mango, with 1276 marks

UFDisciple came in first place throughout the weekend, posting the top score on Saturday. The Core i7-6700K was overclocked to 4.77GHz on all four cores, with a core voltage of 1.34 volts. UFDisciple walks home with a Core i7-6700K, a MSI Z170 Gaming Carbon motherboard, 8GB of G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-2133 memory, and a Seasonic Platinum P-series 760W power supply. Well done!

Source: HWBot

HWBot Extreme OC World Series Competition

Ranked from first to last place in the qualifiers for the next round in Germany, our local lads finished thusly:

  1. Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts – 28 points
  2. Goddy “Vivi” Roodt – 26 points
  3. QuantumX – 18 points
  4. Neo “ShockG” Sibeko – 10 points

The first stage saw Vivi take the lead, followed by DrWeez, then QuantumX, and ShockG, earning Vivi ten points for his win with Intel XTU. Stage 2 was won by DrWeez with his Core i7-6700K overclocked to 5.002GHz, taking ten points for his win in the 3DMark 11 Physics score. Vivi, QuantumX, and ShockG followed in the rankings. The third and final round was taken again by DrWeez for the SuperPi 32M run, which was done with a slight underclock to 4.99GHz on LN2.

Well done to our four contestants, and we wish those who didn’t win better luck for the next round!

Source: HWBot