Canis Canem Edit, or Bully in other territories, was a really nifty and well-received title from Rockstar Vancouver that launched on PS2 in 2006. It made it to several other platforms, but there’s still a good chance that you might have missed out on it. If you have, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s now been added to the PS4’s growing library of PS2 classics.

Canis Canem Edit casts players as Jimmy Hopkins, a student enrolled at Bullworth Academy. You must navigate the high-school environment, make friends and lovers, attend classes and battle against bullies for respect. It’s awesome, and you should play it.

The game caught a lot of flak for its original name, Bully. Despite what the title might suggest, the game encourages players to befriend and defend weaker social groups from bullies. It also has a pretty healthy representation of homosexual relationships, allowing Jimmy to pursue same-sex relationships.

Canis Canem Edit is available now on PS4, priced at R218. It’s been on Steam and Xbox 360 for a while too.

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