Fallout 4 mod showcase part 5: another settlement needs pimpin’

Preston Garvey

Unless the rads have ravished your brain, you’ll remember that in part four I delved into the destructive world of Fallout 4 weapons mods.

For this installment, let’s switch things up a little and focus on one of the most overlooked, yet totally rad features of F4: settlement building. This collection of words will focus exclusively on those mods that make building, managing, prettifying and gloriously sprucing up your settlements all the more gratifying. Hit the jump to become the homemaker you were always meant to be.

There’s a great divide between players who absolutely love the settlement system (like me), and those who think it’s pointless and unnecessary (like Tarryn). But I think the endless possibilities these next few mods add to the system are enough to make the latter change their minds, or at least convince them to give settlement building another shot.

Things we’ll need

Just like most of the Fallout 4 mods on Nexus Mods, we’ll first need a couple of mods to mod more mods – until Bethesda finally releases the official creation kit anyway. Mod. So here are the four base mods you’ll need to install before downloading the others.

Fallout 4 settlement mods 1

Settlement Keywords (SK) (by Stuyk): This is a mod that you’re going to want to install first. SK creates categories, adds additional keywords to your settlement builder menu and ensures that the other settlement mods don’t screw around with any of the things just mentioned. Oh, and it neatly organizes all the items in your builder menu – which is something you’ll be quite happy about very soon.

Place Everywhere (by TheLich): Place Everywhere does exactly what it suggests, and lets you place built items pretty much anywhere within your settlement (and beyond if you’re feeling rebellious). It also provides you with tools to more precisely place items.

Scrap Everything (by shadowslasher410): Ah, another fairly self-explanatory entry. When this mod says “everything” it really means it. No seriously, heed the warning and save regularly – unless you want to spend hours trying to rebuild every house in Sanctuary like I did.

Fallout 4 settlement mods 6
Well crap.

Higher Settlement Budget (by GrimTech – PatrickJr): It was only after I started really getting into settlement building that I became aware of the size limit Bethesda placed on settlements in F4. It severely limits how much you are able to build in each settlement, and it’s just really frustrating. This mod practically removes this limit, and soon you’ll see why that’s a really good thing.

The meat and ‘tatoes

Here’s where things get interesting. The following mods are the main justification for this article’s existence, and if they’re the only settlement building mods you choose to install (after the prerequisite ones), you’ll be all set.

Fallout 4 Settlement mods 4
Mostly empty right now, but at least it looks okay from the outside.

BuildingBlocks Foundations (snappable floors) (by QuietusPlus): Every new building project needs to start off somewhere, and just like in reality, it should probably start with a flat foundation. I find it very silly that Bethesda didn’t include foundations or something similar to what this mod adds, especially since finding a perfectly flat surface for your creations is damned near impossible in most settlements.

Homemaker – Expanded Settlements (by NovaCoru): There are a bunch of mods that add new objects to the settlement crafting mechanic in Fallout 4, but this is my personal favourite. Homemaker includes over 1,000 new craftable objects, some lore-friendly, some not so much. Whatever you need, this mod probably has it. In fact, I’m not even entirely sure that the objects added by the other mods on this list aren’t already included in Homemaker in some form.

Fallout 4 settlement mods 7
My love of trees. My love of trees never changes.

Snap’n Build (by ad3d0): I considered not covering Snap ‘n Build in this list because I’m reasonably sure that the greenhouse, bunker, capsule and other build sets are already included in Homemaker. What makes this mod useful is its addition of variety to the aforementioned buildings, as well as a great selection of windows, doorways and roofs.

Immersion enhancers

Fallout 4 settlement mods 2

Craftable Floor Supports (by DDProductions83): Look, being able to place objects anywhere is great and all, but things can start to seem ridiculous really quick. Gravity is just something that shouldn’t be messed with too much – unless you’re going for the BioShock Infinite motif. Why not grab this mod and make your settlements a whole lot more believable?

Immersive Vendors (by Xgrufijury) and Business Settlements (by Tamayo831): These two mods sort of go hand in hand, as both make shopping for that perfect outfit, gun, piece of armour or useless junk a much more immersive and pleasant experience. The first mod, Immersive Vendors, makes the craftable shops in your settlement look more like real shops, and less like the most depressing bedroom cupboards ever. The second mod, Business Settlements, adds banners, supplies, billboards and signs to your workshop, allowing you the freedom to create a more “official” looking shop.

Even more things

Basement Living (by fadingsignal): We all started out deep beneath the earth, and thanks to this mod, we can get back to it!

Robot Home Defence (by TheTalkieToaster): Okay, so the first DLC for Fallout 4 is Automatron (or “battle bots” as Dane put it), it’s already out, and it lets you craft unique robots and use them as companions to fulfil your every destructive need. Which is sort of what this mod does, minus the unique robots part.

Fallout 4 Settlement mods 5
A little overkill sure, but you can never be too safe…

Wasteland Build A Bear (by DDProductions83): Not a lot to say about this one. Craft your own bears, they’re hilariously cute.

Crafting Workbenches (by drdanzel): Fixes a major Fallout 4 bug that disables the crafting of weapons, armour and junk by removing the workbenches for these items. Okay, it’s not a bug, but seriously, Bethesda should have included these in the vanilla game.

Functional Displays (by SecretAgent99): Show off your bad-ass collections in a very organised, elegant manner.

Brighter Settlement Lights (by Elvani): A must-have mod, especially if you installed Darker Nights.

That wraps up part five, folks. And yeah, I know one of the DLC packs rolling out in the next few months is Wasteland Workshop, which brings with it loads of improvements and additions to the settlement crafting system among other things. But in the meantime, we have mods.