rAge Cape Town 2017 is going to be huge

cape town wtm

This year, for the first time ever, NAG hosted a rAge expo in Cape Town, and it was great. The food was great, the people were great, the eSports was exceptional, and the money I won in roulette was just the cherry on top of a very fun and memorable weekend. rAge Cape Town wasn’t just different to rAge Johannesburg, the entire experience was different, and it’s literally like visiting another galaxy of geeks. In 2017, rAge Cape Town will be bigger, better, and will quite literally blow you away if we put more of those ginormous fans on the floor.

More than 9,000 visitors attended rAge expo at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in Goodwood over the weekend. Saturday’s opening saw the expo flood with people in minutes, and it was occasionally as difficult to cut through the crowd as it is in the TicketPro Dome. The LAN was pretty much full, and terabytes upon terabytes of stuff was downloaded over the weekend (thanks, Internet Solutions, for that wonderful 10Gbps connection!). Finding lunch during the weekend was always a game of timing your entry into the queue to cut down on your waiting time – especially important if you’re buying ice-cream in a hurry while the DGL finals are being played!

“I was really pleased with the high level of enthusiasm and excitement with which rAge Cape Town was received,” said rAge boss Michael James. “I’m extremely happy with the turnout, especially for an inaugural expo and LAN. The venue in my opinion worked very well, and for 2017 GrandWest management have informed us that they’ll have a lot more space for us to use and grow into. I believe it was a solid start and the future of rAge in Cape Town looks very bright.”

“The overwhelming positive feedback (as well as some constructive criticism) we received will prove invaluable in evolving the expo. Now that we’ve established a footprint in Cape Town and have given the exhibitors a proven, professional and positive experience here, indications from the industry already are that even more brands will come on board next year with an ever bigger variety in future,” added James.

“In terms of future growth in size – this year we took all the available space at GrandWest. For 2017, we have already booked the space we occupied this year, plus the GrandWest Arena and the additional Sun Exhibit space being installed later this year. So we’ll be triple the size already by 2017.”

And that GrandWest Arena? It’s massive.

grandwest arena
Source: DNA Photographers

That was the turnout for Pharrell Williams’ concert in September 2015. Imagine just over 9,000 people inside that hall, cheering their teams on as they frag each other in Counter-Strike: GO. This is one event I’m not going to miss! rAge Cape Town 2017 is set to be a weekend to never forget.

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