Get your pinch of salt: PS4.5 rumoured to be in the works

PS4 cover

There have been rumours flying about and mutating on the Internet lately (as rumours on the Internet tend to do) that Sony may release an upgraded PS4, designed to output in 4K. A great deal of websites seem convinced that the rumours are true, many of them citing anonymous sources.

The first mention of the PS4.5 (as most websites are calling it) comes from a Kotaku article published earlier this March. The article mentions learning about the machine from various sources within Sony, some of them from the recent GDC in San Francisco. They say the upgrade will allow for better-looking games on the system and improve its VR capabilities.

Eurogamer was next to weigh in on the matter, confirming that they know the system is in development. They went into a tremendous amount of speculative detail, but their big theory is that the PS4.5 will utilise a smaller production process for making the CPU and GPU, which is called a die shrink. Eurogamer did not reveal who their sources were.

The latest story circulating comes from a report by the Wall Street Journal, who say that the PS4.5 will be officially unveiled this October. The report goes on to say that both consoles will share a library of games, although users who want the better experience would obviously need to shell out for the upgraded model. The actual price, however, was not detailed. The Wall Street Journal website requires a subscription to access, but GameSpot has more details on the contents of the report.

Oh my, who left this here?
Oh my, who left this here?

Up to now, Sony has declined to comment about the rumours. The fact that Sony hasn’t officially quashed the rumours is interesting.

I spoke to my brother Wesley to find out how much someone would have to pay to get a 4K-compatible PC. After a few minutes of thinking, and not counting a 4K-capable monitor, the price he arrived at was just under R11,000.

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