Got a few minutes? Check out Deep Terror


Have you ever played a puzzle game and thought to yourself that what it needs is more Lovecraft-style horror? No? Well, the folks at MEGOCORP clearly thought it at some point, hence their creation of the lovely little gem of a game called Deep Terror.

It’s an Apple-exclusive title that has players linking together a series of nodes to create an arcane symbol which helps them delve deeper into the abyss and ultimately uncover Cthulhu’s lair. The first sets of symbols are straightforward and rely heavily on symmetry, but things get tricky later as players encounter more complex formations. A particularly challenging aspect of the puzzles is the fact that none of the lines may cross, though each node displays how many links it can support. It’s all presented very intuitively with no onscreen instructions.


It’s simple, easy to get into and a fair brainteaser, but not one of the toughest you’ll ever play. What sets Deep Terror apart is its presentation; it utilizes a basic green-and-black colour scheme and makes extensive use of ambient noise, faint whispers and scary sound effects to draw players into its creepy, otherworldly mood. It’s well worth a play and it’s completely free on iTunes. Get it and prepare to descend into madness.