It’s time to stare at Tokyo 42’s eyeball-grabbing announcement trailer


Oh man, where did this come from? Tokyo 42 is an utterly beautiful isometric shooter with a “Syndicate meets original Grand Theft Auto” look about it. And did I mention that it also looks utterly beautiful? Because it looks utterly beautiful.

Mode 7, they of Frozen Synapse fame, are publishing the title. It’ll be packed with shoot-y shooting and various stealth elements set to the backdrop of an attractive open-world cityscape. Have a look:

I know right? What a thing! Obviously I’m basing my excitement entirely on the aesthetic and not at all on how it’ll, you know, actually play, but just look at it. That multiplayer looks like it could be an absolute blast too, and we’re told the multiplayer takes place in “hyper-detailed little arenas”.

There’s not much more to go on right now. But count me in.

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