Final Fantasy XV gets trailers, a demo and a release date

FF XV Cover

Final Fantasy XV! Oh man, where to even begin with this game? It was first announced way back in 2006 under the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and then largely kept in the dark until its official rebranding in 2013. Such a long, unusual development schedule leaves fans with a lot of questions.

Square Enix recently hosted a three hour-long press conference to answer as many questions as possible, resulting in an avalanche of trailers and news. Hit the jump for all the highlights.

First up is a new trailer which shows off the storyline of the game. It also reveals the release date: September 30th 2016.

But what’s the use of just looking at the game? Square Enix has also released a playable demo, called the Platinum Demo. It gives players the chance to test out the game’s various mechanics, and the trailer shows off some scenes of combat and driving. The Platinum Demo all takes place inside a dream of Noctis (the main character) as he is guided by Carbuncle, a familiar figure from the Final Fantasy series. The demo is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

The conference didn’t stop there. As part of what is now clearly a massive marketing machine, Square Enix also announced a feature-length CGI movie called Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, which takes place during the events of the game. The movie follows the titular Kingsglaive, elite knights of the kingdom of Lucis, as they try and survive invading forces. More interesting is the star-studded cast that Square Enix employed, namely Lena Headey, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul, who each showed up during the conference to talk about the project. At present, all we have is a teaser trailer and an official website that promises the movie is “coming soon to Blu-ray and digital”.

Another project announced was Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, a five-episode anime miniseries focusing on the four main characters. Every episode will be released for free on YouTube, and the first episode is available now.

Lastly, Square Enix will be releasing Justice Monsters Five, a mobile tie-in game for iOS, Android and Windows 10. The game also appears in Final Fantasy XV, and it looks like pinball on steroids, starring Final Fantasy monsters. The release date is just a vague 2016, but I guess it’ll be released before September 30th to keep people interested.

Besides all the news and reveals, the event also showed off other scraps of gameplay and some glamour shots of the in-engine technology. It’s worth a look if you have a few spare hours. Final Fantasy XV will launch worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th.