Got a few minutes? Check out Floating Point

Floating Point title yo

Gamers can be an awfully masochistic bunch. We like to torture ourselves with games of nigh-impossible difficulty, because beating something so challenging generates a sense of euphoria. But today, I’m going to ask you to leave that behind for a bit and focus on the polar opposite. A calm, relaxing game. A zen game. And that game is Floating Point.

You take control of a square dot and swing around with a type of grappling hook in a randomly generated space of floating cubes. Your mission is to rack up points by swinging stylishly and fluidly without hitting the objects that populate the world. Of course, mastering the art of hooking and swinging takes a bit of patience, but before long you’ll be pulling off elaborate stunts that’d make Spider-Man jealous. As you swing you leave a line in your wake that charts your movement, making for a fantastic visual treat that could be considered a form of interactive, abstract art.

Check it out for Windows, Mac and Linux by navigating to its Steam page. It’s less than 12 megs in size and completely free.

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