Watch the first two animated shorts for Overwatch


If you’re one of the lucky humans who was invited to get in on all the sexy Overwatch beta action of the last few months, you’re no doubt every bit as smitten with the game as everyone else who’s spent time with Blizzard’s action-packed first-person shooter. In which case, I’m assuming you can’t get enough of anything that tastes even remotely like Overwatch. If you’re currently nodding your head in agreement, you should rub your face all over the first two animated shorts that Blizzard has released for the game leading up to its May release, because they’re awesome.

The first of the two is called Recall, and it’s centred on Winston, a “genetically engineered gorilla and brilliant scientist”, which is just a brilliant sentence. He’s essentially Beast from X-Men. Watch:

See? Didn’t I tell you it was cool? Wait, did I? Maybe not. ANYWAY. The second short, called Alive, focuses on Widowmaker, an “assassin who stalks her prey with deadly efficiency”. Ominous!

I love this sort of thing. I remember Team Fortress 2‘s “Meet the…” series, and I was obsessed with those for a long while. I like that they’re also showing off more of Overwatch‘s world, its backstory and its personality.

I still haven’t even played the game yet, because I’m a heathen and time’s evil, but I’m excited for its May 24th launch. It’ll be out on PC, PS4 and XBO.

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