Aliens Colonial Marines Mod

One of 2013’s biggest disappointments was Aliens: Colonial Marines. The laundry list of complaints about the game was extensive, with broken AI chief among them. It became the poster child of almost all that is wrong with the gaming industry, from inane corporate decisions to allegations of bribery. Perhaps most frustrating is the fact that it had the potential to be a far better game, hinting at something greater beneath its shoddy exterior. Now, thanks once again to the power of modding, we’ve gotten just that with the excellent ACM Overhaul mod by Templar GFX.

Billed as the game that Aliens: Colonial Marines should’ve been, the mod features an extensive reworking of the game’s underpinnings. Most of these won’t be apparent upon first play, because while there are visual enhancements, the bulk of the mod focuses on rewritten AI and re-balanced weapons. The xenomorphs are tougher, smarter and move more fluidly, the mercenaries are less frustrating and the functionality of the guns has been altered to compensate for the changes.

If you didn’t play the original game because of the bad publicity, this mod might give you the incentive to finally tackle it. Even if you played it years ago and didn’t like it, you shouldn’t miss out on its second chance at greatness. Get the goods at the official Mod DB page.

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