Alleged God of War 4 assets leak, panic ensues

GOW 4 cover

Several pieces of alleged God of War 4 concept art and design notes have leaked online. At the moment, nothing is confirmed or certain, so take this news with so many pinches of salt that you turn into a natural snail repellent. [HA! – Ed.]

According to Eurogamer (who I turned to to help sum up the series of events), the leak began with tweets by user shinobi602, who hinted at the setting of God of War 4:

Following that, a website called NerdLeaks posted several concept artworks and other details. NerdLeaks has since gone entirely dark and a GameFAQs thread is saying that the site was hacked in retaliation. Fortunately, the pictures and information were saved by NeoGAF and are now viewable in this thread and Imgur gallery. Most of it’s art assets and location designs, but there’s one low-resolution image of a redesigned Kratos.

GOW 4 Kratos

According to the data in the thread, one of the settings will be Alfheim, which is the home of the fairies in Norse mythology. Furthermore, Kratos now sports a fashionable full beard and a thematically appropriate bearded axe. The concept art shows off lavishly designed environments and verdant landscapes, and there are design notes about plant life that reacts to the player.

So, does this all look legitimate? It’s hard to tell at the moment. Presently, neither Sony nor Sony Santa Monica have come forward to confirm or deny the leak. The fact that someone scrubbed shinobi602 and NerdLeaks of pictures and information is interesting, and may lend some credence to the rumours. It’s also no surprise that the setting is Norse, as David Jaffe (director of the first God of War) has mentioned in interviews that his vision of the series would have seen Kratos battling other pantheons, Nordic included. With E3 2016 right around the corner, it’s likely we’ll see these rumours either confirmed or denied by then.

Source: NeoGAF

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