Neow Nioh cover

Team Ninja’s next title, Nioh, will be briefly playable on PS4 soon. The game’s developers recently took to the PlayStation blog to announce the “Alpha Demo”, as well as to give us another look at the title. There’s also a new trailer after the break.

Pretty cool huh? What I find interesting is the similarities between this and videos promoting the Dark Souls franchise. It shows off the dark, grotesque aesthetic, as well as the need for clever fighting and manoeuvring. Clearly Nioh‘s Samurai-inspired action is designed around crushing difficulty.

According to the blog, the Alpha Demo is intended to gather player feedback, and surveys will be posted online to gather impressions. Completing the demo also unlocks The Mark of the Conqueror DLC, which can be used with the full game.

You’ll be able to play Nioh‘s Alpha Demo on PS4 between April 26th and May 5th.

Source: PlayStation blog

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